• Charlie Teljeur

The Day I Apparently Drew An X-rated Cartoon

Take a look at this cartoon...

Do you see anything dirty in it. How about this, does it make you think "sodomy"? Evidently it did for some (bat shit crazy) religious organization based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

The cartoon was posted on the CBC Sports website as part of its 2006 Torino Olympics coverage when, lo and behold, we get an email from someone who felt we were promoting sodomy. Seriously.

I guess if you look at it closely enough and COMPLETELY DISREGARD the following facts that (a) the three people are lying prone (b) they are impossibly close and (c) they're actually laying on a luge going 100 km an hour yeah, you might just see a little butt love going on.

I get the feeling the particular individual who wrote in to complain was coming at it with some sort of a guilty religious conscience. Without the priest (given the dubious history of the church and its scandals) would you even think sodomy?

Andrew Lundy, the Senior CBC Producer at the time, gave it a virtual shrug of the shoulders but made sure that one of us would respond (I think it was Andrew who did, since I likely would have asked the complainer if perhaps he might have a gas leak in his house).

Nothing more came of the matter (bad pun) other than my newfound curiosity to scour the creative archives for more accidental "dirty" pictures I may have drawn. Sadly, I found none. Maybe I need to get that religious nut to give them a second look.

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