• Charlie Teljeur

The Implications of Dreams

I had this really weird dream the other night. A friend of mine was getting beaten up yet I (in the context of the dream at least) did nothing to assist him. I just stood by and watched him get his ass whooped even though (even in the dream) I felt like I needed to do something.

It became weirder upon waking since I felt the immediate urge to call him up and apologize. Of course, thirty seconds later you begin to realize that it was just a dream and therefore theoretically have no need to apologize since nothing actually happened. Of that I’m not sure though, I did nothing in the dream to defend my friend even though I distinctly recall the urge to do something which means I was either miraculously paralysed somehow (as dreams sometimes do) or I’m just trying to excuse my behaviour to make myself feel better.

Some of you are probably thinking that I’m being too hard on myself, rationalizing that what happens in dreams is strictly the jurisdiction of the dreams themselves and has no real implications in life, thus no need to apologize. But, if that’s the case, imagine this scenario: You’re in a committed relationship (in real life) and in one of your dreams (perhaps a recurring theme) you have some amorous activity with someone you know in your real life who isn’t your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife or husband. How would you feel then? Following the rationale described above (that nothing that happens in your dreams means anything) you should be free to tell your loved of this epic cerebral tale of infidelity right? After all, what harm is there is saying that? Of course we all know there’s very little chance of you telling her/him unless you’re in the 0.214% of the population or you have a thing for being hit over the head with a large blunt object.

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of dreams and although my personal ethos would take ten days to explain let me summarize it by saying your dreams are the vivid results of both your hopes and your fears. If you’re scared of spiders in real life chances are you’ve had the odd nightmare (the fears end of dreams) of being chased by a herd of forty five foot tarantulas (if this hasn’t happened to you yet, be prepared).

That would also mean that the things that happen to you dream-wise in a positive sense are the products of your hopes and aspirations. The hard part in all of this comes in deciphering the good from the bad. If you fool around with someone at work in your dreams does that mean you desire for that to happen or that you fear it just might? If you beat up your uncle in your dreams does that mean you have a bit of an issue with your uncle? This – the inventorying – is truly the hard part.

For this most people turn to books on the subject or to psychologists who apparently study our dreams and what they mean. I only buy into this to a certain degree since a lot of their specific explanations seem poppycock to me (note: this is the first ever time I’ve ever used “poppycock” in a sentence but it seems to fit). Having someone else – even a scholarly person specializing in something or other – translate your dream is like a doctor telling you how much your broken wrist hurts. Sure he can give you tendencies but, as in all science, there is always that telling margin of error.

Psychologists will tell you that your teeth falling out means you’re worried about money and flying in your dreams means something like your pet’s about to die and punching someone means you hate your mother but really how can they know that? How can they psychologically know you more about it than you do? Imagine the implications of telling a patient that he does hate his mother simply as a result of the choreography of someone’s dreams.

For that I revert back to dreams and nightmares being yours and yours alone. If something spooks you there’s probably a good chance you have an issue with it and if something inspires or intrigues you (like the girl two cubicles over) there’s a good chance you may have a hankering for her whether you choose to admit it or not. The whole key is what you do with the stuff that happens to you in your dreams. That’s your call. As for me I’m going back to bed. I have some ass-kicking to get to.

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