• Charlie Teljeur

The Lottery - An Endorsement

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

All gambling – despite repeated claims – is not created equal. There is wagering based on hope and there is wagering based on fear. How do you tell the difference? Simple. The ROI.

A guy throwing down $20 at the track at best will walk away with a couple grand, maybe even ten or more if he’s lucky. His bet, in essence, is simply buying more time. His financial gain will never be enough to seriously change his lifestyle, it is only extending him till the next short-term bet.

The lottery; that five dollar wager with little more than a prayer is considered a sucker’s bet. A simple tax on the poor. The odds are so astronomically against any possible win the bettor might as well just burn his money. What kind of fool plays the lottery?

The idealistic fool, that’s who. No one in their right mind would consider plunking down ten dollars every week in the financial vortex known as the lottery except the lottery gambler isn’t of the right mind and he isn’t banking on his ticket to produce those desired riches. He is simply hoping and praying and dreaming that maybe tomorrow he may wake up a millionaire; that his life has dramatically changed overnight and that some dreams actually do come true.

No one mortgages his future on this. Lottery tickets aren’t bought in thousand dollar increments. It’s a dollar here and five dollars there. It’s employee money, pooled together, gently kissed for good luck. And therein lies the difference. The lottery is that one flickering candle in a windstorm; a belief in something impossibly possible and a desire – albeit infinitesimally remote – for a better life.

Unyielding hope, at five dollars a pop, really is a pretty good deal.

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